29 healthy crockpot recipes you can prep and freeze ahead of time

Of all the ways to make preparing dinner for a hungry family easier, we find there is none better than a make-ahead, freezable, slow cooker recipe! As if setting a crock pot and going about your day wasn’t simple enough, with meals like these ones, you don’t even have to worry about getting up before work to slice and dice veggies or spice up the meat. No, you just grab a freezer bag, dump it in the crock pot, set it, and GO. That’s it, and that’s awesome. Whether you’re the type to plan a few weeks’ worth of menus and prep them all in a marathon cooking weekend, or you just want to have some on hand for days and nights that get away from you, you’ll appreciate lists like this one from New Leaf Wellness, which not only offers freezable crock pot recipes, it includes all healthy ones, too! It inspired us to search the Internet for our own inspiration for make-ahead meals. Here’s what we found.