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  • Sous Vide Cooking

    Sous Vide Cooking Season’s greetings! This year, I got a very special Christmas present from Santa. Although I’m Santa…

  • No More Overcooked Meat

    No More Overcooked Meat     For meat lovers, there are few pleasures in life that can rival the…

  • Umami, The Essence of Taste

    Umami, The Essence of Taste In recent years, umami had been officially recognized as the fifth basic taste besides…

  • Secrets of Brining

    Secrets of Brining   I have to say that brining is one of the more powerful, and yet under-utilised…

  • The Emulsification Process

    The Emulsification Process     Can oil and water be mix together? We can’t mix oil and water together…

  • The Perfect Egg

    The Perfect Egg I love eggs a lot and it is fitting that I post it as one of…